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X-Cyl and ImageRx

Updated: May 2, 2023

In 1997 we wrote two little computer programs that took off wild in popularity.

Ophthalmic Optics can have some complicated equations.  We we see patients, there are times when a contact lens for astigmatism does not perform the way we predict.  We perform a measurement of the blur called an over-refraction and mathematically combine the result with the prescription to predict the next lens power that would work.  Before this utility was developed, we would have to do the math by hand or set up lenses together and use a machine called a lensometer to predict the next lens.  X-Cyl does the math for us so a doctor can just enter the variables and click on the answer.  It became wildly popular because it was faster, more accurate and free.  We wrote the software as a fun project and to help other doctors.

We wrote another program called ImageRx.  This calculator helps doctors design lenses that are equal in magnification.  Some prescriptions can generate headaches, eyestrain and double vision if the powers before each eye vary by too much.  To minimize the difference, we can vary the design of the lens such as the power, the fitting distance, the thickness and the curvature and refractive index to achieve an equal magnification.  This involved even more difficult calculations than what X-Cyl solves.  Before ImageRx, most doctors would would rely on nomograms.  ImageRx streamlines the design process and ensures mathematical accuracy to allow the eye care professional to try differing variables to solve their design challenge.

Both software have been updated to run on 32 or 64 bit operating systems.  They have been tested to run on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.  Both are free and can be downloaded from our practice website.

Click on the icon to download.

XCyl Icon

Updated for 32 or 64 bit Windows use, New tooltips and a clear button for faster, easier use.

ImageRx Icon

Updated for 32 or 64 bit Windows use, Calculate both lenses together now for easier use.

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