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  • Doug Cook

Easier, More Accurate and More Fun

A trip to the eye doctor is fun.  The first time however can be stressful for children that have never had their eyes checked.

They remember other doctor visits elsewhere and fear a shot.  So when they see all the high-tech 21st century machines that determine ocular health and an accurate prescription, it can intimidate.

Now’s there’s a device that eases that fear.

It’s a portable autorefractor.  Whats different is the test is done from 3 feet away – no contact and no head in a motionless vice. It looks like a camera, and inside the lens a multicolor display of LED’s attract kids attention – even for a one-day old infant.

WA Portable Autorefractor patient view blog 1

From the Doctor’s side we see the eye’s during measurement and then a result.

WA Portable Autorefractor doctor view blog 3

WA Portable Autorefractor doctor view blog 2

It works even through a pair of glasses or contact lenses to see if your Rx needs changing.

This device is joined by our third computerized lensmeter (left) that determines the Rx in your current glasses and the newest ophthalmoscope that allows the doctor to look inside the eyes.  The view in this instrument allows a 3d view of the retina and the low power LED lamp makes the brightness less harsh.

Lensmeter BIO 2016
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