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  • Doug Cook

Windows 10 Tips that worked for Us With OfficeMate / Examwriter V12.

We have tested OfficeMate/ExamWriter version 12 on two systems running Windows 10 on the day of this post.

One system was a fresh clean install of the Windows 10 on a wiped hard drive. No problems occurred but you do have to set up your networking to get on your network. If you haven’t gone past Windows 7 on your OS there may be a bit of a learning curve while setting this up.  The settings setup appear different in their layout than the old Control Panel.  You can still call up the good old control panel by typing it in the search bar next to the Windows 10 start button.

The second system was an upgrade from an existing Windows 7 installation. Windows 10 installs quite nicely as an upgrade path over your previous OS. However neither OM or EW wanted to work.

A popup error appears underneath the splash screen. The only way to read it is to “Alt – Tab” to switch to the screens.

Clicking on the X or “OK” yields a second popup

I was able to troubleshoot and fix it using the method below. Windows 10 resets User Account Controls away from the “Never Notify” position when you upgrade. This occurs even if your prior Windows OS was in the “Never Notify” as required for the OfficeMate Installation.  Type User Account Control in the search bar and lower the bar to “Never Notify” again.  A reboot may be necessary.

I had a problem with getting OM and EW to run with a Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade. I mapped a network drive for my OfficeMate Data Directory. This drive for some reason is not seen by OfficeMate after the Windows 10 conversion. For me the fix was:

  1. Uninstall OfficeMate.

  2. Delete the OMATE32.ini file located in your Windows directory.

  3. Reinstall OfficeMate suite version 12.

  4. During installation, don’t refer to your mapped drive as the location of your data (You may not even see it in your “This PC” locations). Instead browse the network to your data location on your server (or computer hosting the data). In my case its addressed ended up as \\SERVER\omate32\DATA\ where “SERVER” is the name of my server, “omate32” is a directory on my server and “DATA” is a subdirectory actually having the data.

After that, OfficeMate and ExamWriter runs great.  You may notice that Windows 10 boots quicker too than on your previous OS. You also have 30 days to fall back to your previous OS in case you OM / EW installation has trouble that is different than what we encountered..  The restore process is easy and completely restored a fully functional Windows 7 installation with working OM and EW.

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