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  • Doug Cook

Windows 10 OfficeMate ExamWriter Fix for slow network access

Symptom: Your ExamWriter is very slow when using your word processor (e.g. WordPad or MS Word) to create and print your reports / exams. This symptom may not have been a problem in the past on your Windows 10 machine and is not a problem on your Windows 7 machine.

Cause: It appears a Windows 10 update slowed down the network access for the word processor access to the share on your server. (Not sure which update created the problem)

Solution #1 :

Open your Registry Editor (you can type RegEdit in yor search bar next to your Windows start menu button)

On the left hand panel navigate from the Computer opening up the subdirectories in this order to get to this location below.


Right Click the right side panel and hover over "New"

then on the slide-out options Right Click on "DWORD (32-bit) Value"

Change the name of this new entry to "DirectoryCacheLifetime"

Make sure the "Value data" box is set to 0 (zero) and click OK.

This fix should allow quick access now for the word processor. No reboot was required.

This worked on all 8 computers with the same symptoms.

Note that Windows 7 machines did NOT show this symptom.

Here's a video for more background.

Solution #2

Download the registry edit I created that will merge the above edit into your registry


Right click the file, Select "Merge" and click "OK" to confirm the edit.

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