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Selected Tips to Improve Vision Efficiency after Vision Loss

This guide has tips on items that can help a person with needs to help with their vision problem.

There are dozens of vendors and we welcome you to comparison shop.   This review is focused on as it has a vast array of products that can quickly be searched.   Search for the items highlighted in bold to survey all the products.

These lamps can be swung in position to place the best light on your needs.  We recommending over the shoulder and behind position to offer the best light free from glare.  Prices from $13 to over $60.

These lamps can also be swung in position but offer built in magnification for hobbies such as sewing, tying lures or tiny tasks.  to place the best light on your needs.  We recommending over the shoulder and behind position to offer the best light free from glare.  Prices from $20 to over $180.

A Kindle is a electronic book display device.  It’s display has a crispness that’s better than traditional liquid crystal technology as used in smartphones and display devices.  It’s very efficient in battery life which lasts up to one month on a charge.

A Kindle uses e-ink technology that presents the page in a pearlescent display that rivals freshly printed text.  It has the advantage however of changing size to your needs.

Daylight reading is ideal, better than any other display available.

This device comes in several configurations from as low as $79 basic models to ones that can download for free without an internet connection with a touchscreen and finally full color models.  I recommend the 3G versions as they offer the most care-free downloading and no subscription fee is required to get the downloaded book.

You can browse and purchase books from the reader without needing access to a computer.  There is an initial setup process and you will need to have a credit card on file with to enable purchases.  If this is confusing, a child or grandchild can easily set this up for you.

A Kindle DX ($379) is significantly larger with a magazine size display page and offers even better magnification potential with it’s larger screen.

This version is much more capable of handling the enlarged text needs and is recommended if your visual acuity is less than 20/50.  The regular Kindle has a challenge in reformating for a larger font that presents just a few words at a time requiring frequent clicks to advance a page.  The DX can reformat more efficiently for reading enlarged text due to it’s larger screen size.

Text to Speech feature can read the text aloud to you in an electronic voice.  This feature is dependent on each title’s publisher allowing it to be turned on.

Book prices for first edition bestsellers are usually $9.99.  Books published before 1923 and out of copyright are free resulting in 1.8 million selections.

Other ebook technologies exist such as the Apples iPad series, Sony’s Reader and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.   All of these can be reviewed hands on at their respective stores.  Sony’s are available in several chain stores.  This review is limited to the Kindle due to it’s market share, popularity and display quality.

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