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  • Doug Cook

Oklahoma Tremors – a poem


As a cowboy I have lived in Oklahoma as these years go by, But lately the grounds gotten unsteady and no one knows why.

Now I have seen hot and cold to an extreme, Flood and drought are common, almost the mean.

Some cracks appearing on the wall which have developed are not new. You see the lack of water shrinks the ground and has pulled my foundation askew.

But now theres a new crack appearing in the corner, From a short term shudder, it arrived and shifted my dormer.

They arrive as a trembler interrupting what we do, a few seconds pass then we ask “Did you feel that too?”

What’s its magnitude? And it’s epicenter? From what direction? To the internet we go, it diverting our attention.

My phone can alert me to tornados from our weatherman, whom I can not overrate. A text arrives with time enough for me to, yes, even – contemplate.

So I bought an app which gets quake reports for my state. However I find they arrive 15 minutes too late.

So I end this poem with a hope that all these quakes are gradually, relieving some pressure. And prefer we have a great many, instead of all of us, falling into one single, great fissure.

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