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  • Doug Cook

Memorial Day and Boot Hill in Guthrie – 2018

Cubs, Scouts and Venturers today placed flags at Veterans graves today at Summit View Cemetery in Guthrie in honor of Memorial Day

At the end of the walkthrough of every tombstone, some of our scouts travelled over to a part of the cemetery called “Boot Hill.”

A section called “Boot Hill” houses some of Guthrie’s “infamous” criminals.  Perhaps the most famous being Wild Bill Doolin and Elmer McCurdy.

Elmer McCurdy

Will Bill Doolin

A B movie called “Return of the Bad Men” premiered in Guthrie in 1948.  The image below is in front of the Melba theater – today known as the Pollard Theater.

The film features nefarious criminals who terrorize a territorial town called “Guthrie”.

  1. The Sundance kid (played by Robert Ryan)

  2. Billy the kid

  3. The Dalton brothers

  4. Wild Bill Doolin

  5. Wild Bill Yeager

  6. The Younger Brothers

The Sheriff, played by Randolph Scott, had a lot to handle with this nefarious bunch of hardened criminals.

Even George “Gabby” Hayes plays a role as a banker.

You can stream this movie on YouTube for a $2.99 fee

After placing flags, Scouts in the troop cooled off by taking the troops’ canoes out on the lake.

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