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JOTI Special Edition Quick Tips

JOTI Special Edition Summary of Fun

All below is accessible via JOTAJOTI.INFO but you may have to hunt it down on the map. This is a quick cheat sheet to help set yourself up. Many participants have multiple features open at the same time. You can too. BSA and GSUSA advancement tips are at the bottom of this post

TIP Number 1

Have fun connecting with Scouts around the world.

Keep in mind this event spans 24 time zones. The following list applies to participants in the western hemisphere.

  1. Friday April 3 comes “early” to Scouts in the western hemisphere where its already Saturday across the international date line.

  2. Mornings in the USA might be the best time to check activity. Europe will be having lunch and Asia will be working on dinner / evening.

  3. Saturday will be the busiest day

  4. Checking in Sunday afternoon in the USA will find Europe getting ready for bedtime and Asia fast asleep already headed for Monday.

JOTI Chat Text messaging / chat rooms (not all features may be available)

JOTI Radio

Steaming radio with music, interviews, song requests (alternate source)

JOTI Live on YouTube

WOSM FaceBook Live is supposed to be at at various times. Use your regular FaceBook account to log in if needed.


This site requires a account be created before one can access it. Skype calls and JOTICafe tend to the most popular features.

* = For some functions on JOTI a account will be needed.

  1. Primary function is to get your SKYPE credential out there in the phone book although this may (or may not) be necessary for personal use accounts.

  2. This is how WB5BSA got calls from other nations during regular JOTA/JOTI events.

If your Scout doesn’t already have a microsoft account set up to use with SKYPE, he might as well get a Microsoft account set up to use it.

If you use the Windows 10 login feature already to log in on any computer – you already have a Microsoft account.

To get a account, go to JOTAJOTI.INFO Click on the blue “sign up” button

If you do not have account already, click on the “REGISTER” link next…..

  1. Fill out the form Yes anyone fill out the form.* Yes Girl Scouts can fill out the form. This is a WAGGGS endorsed function.

  2. Check you are a scout

  3. Check that you are not a robot. * hopefully you weren’t a robot filling out the form

  4. Check the Terms and Conditions, etc.

Then click on the Green button “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT” (scroll down if you don’t see it)

Girl Scouts of the USA tips

Information on how JOTI can fulfill some of the Girl Scouts of the USA requirements from Daisy through Ambassador.

Parents should insure their Girl Scout has taken the Internet Safety Pledge

BSA Advancement tips

Advancement JOTI Special Edition can achieve

Scouts BSA Citizenship in the World merit badge

7. (Do two of the following)

  1. c. Visit with a student or Scout from another country and discuss the typical values, holidays, ethnic foods, and traditions practiced or enjoyed there.

  2. e. Participate in or attend an international event in your area, such as an ethnic festival, concert, or play.

Cub Scouts Arrow of Light Webelos Activity Pin “Building a Better World

  1. 6c: Under the supervision of your parent, guardian, or den leader, connect with a Scout in another country during an event such as Jamboree on the Air or Jamboree on the Internet or by other means

BSA Cyber-Chip Internet Safety Scouts and Parents should work on BSA Cyber-Chip internet safety if not already earned prior to the event.

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