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Jamboree Woggle

Here’s a crafting idea for your jamboree meetings or travel activity to keep your scouts busy on the way to the 24th World Scout Jamboree.

Then we get our leather woogle and use that more often.

24th World Scout Jamboree Woggle

I’ve been testing ideas for tying a woggle with the colors used in the logo of the 24th World Scout Jamboree (#24WSJ).

White, Red, Blue, Green and Purple make up most of the colors (based on the national flags of Canada, USA and Mexico co-host nations) with the purple of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

American Field

American Field is the best match for color that I could find.

Afghanistan Veteran

Is a very close match as well with less blue and more red visible.

Captain America

Here’s a nice example for a USA themed woogle.  The paracord color for this project is called “Captain America”

Tying instructions include this source:

Length Modifications

​I would recommend trying 64 inches (163 cm) on your first test.  This length will accompany the newer neckers that like to incorporate edging detail or your salmon WB necker with the thicker cloth and allow easier passage of your beads while staying up.

​If your home unit necker is thinner like most BSA designs, downsizing is easy.  It’s easier to trim than to add on paracord that was too short.


​​American Field (closest match to #24WSJ colors but lacks purple)


​Afghanistan Veteran (close match to #24WSJ colors but lacks purple)


  2. Amazon

Captain America Paracord




  4. Amazon:

Poppy’s Jamboree Woggle

Here’s a scout from the UK that made a video on her woggle.  The white/green/blue/red paracord could not be found.  She noted on the video comments her father got it on eBay but could not find find an up to date source.

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