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  • Doug Cook

Exam Chair Kerbangs

I invented a fix that prevents this unwanted surprise.  The chairs we use are the Topcon OC-20T.

A Magnetic Solution

Slip a magnet into the wooden slot and continuing through the padding to reach the backside of the upholstery.

After positioning the 2 chair magnets behind the upholstery, determining where to place the magnets for the footrest is easy.  They will self center.  Keeping the placement high like shown may offer the best leverage  for keeping the footrest in place when raised.

The footrest is made of aluminum so the magnets won’t stay by themselves when when the footrest is lowered.  A dab of double-sided sticky foam tape holds them in placed when deployed.

Their may still be some instances of “kerbangs” but my solution should prevent most of them now.

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