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  • Doug Cook

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope RGP Modification for Monovision

I had cataract surgery in 2015. I was a successful contact lens monovision wearer before the cataracts developed. I was also -9.00 myope so the newest intraocular lens designs were not available in the premium IOL lens category. I opted to maintain my net 1.50 diopter add for me left eye for near so standard IOL’s were used with laser-assisted cataract surgery that gave me a happy 20/15 result. 95% of the time, this system works well. One exception is night driving. I use distance glasses for night driving and astronomy.

Another exception was binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy. This is a headborne instrument designed to look at the retina while the patient is dilated. I could wear glasses like I do with night driving to correct the near-set right eye and then the headset.

I found a solution that worked better. I designed an RGP to fit on my BIO with the -1.50 power I needed.

The Keeler All-Pupil BIO has plus lens inserts that fit with supplied neoprene connectors for the rear eyepiece. I needed a minus lens.

The attached PDF has the details of the design.

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